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Jewelry shop

“Seth Jewelry” is a specialized jewelry shop located in Glendale, California. It carries a wide selection of the finest gold and diamond rings, exclusive bracelets, luxurious necklaces and earrings.

The aim of the project is to introduce all the details of the products to the customers and simplify the process of purchase. 


To organize the above-mentioned we created a multi-profile tool which gives moderators an opportunity to fully control the sales process. The admin dashboard allows creating categories, products, draft products, the individual parts of the product, such as metal, stone, etc. In the admin dashboard, we can see all the orders, their status (in process, paid, delivered), buyer information, and invoices. To facilitate the working process, an automated live gold calculator is included in the panel. 

Apart from having created the website and the dashboard, we have also trained the whole personnel to take maximum advantage of the platform.


The developed features include:

  • Paypal payment system
  • getaway for payment processing
  • Imagine optimization to WebP format from PNG and JPG
  • Video optimization
  • SEO microdata generator
  • Automated PDF invoice generation
  • Email notification system
  • Anti-spam technology
  • Elastic search integration




  • Admin Panel

  • Cataloge

  • Cart