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Taxi Platform

Goodway Pro is one of the largest online taxi services in Russia operating on a platform created by MerxForum. The platform gives an opportunity to fully manage and control all the processes of online taxi businesses and includes both web and mobile applications created individually for each company.


The web admin panel covers the following features:

  • Add/remove a driver
  • Add/remove a car
  • Add/remove a partner
  • Create tariffs for drivers and partners
  • Payment processing system integration
  • Integrated support chat
  • Creation of a technical issue in the support chat
  • FAQ integration into the  support chat
  • Notifying clients of the latest news

 In addition to the  above-mentioned features, the platform also encompasses an analytics panel which has the following tools:

  • Monthly transactions
  • Active drivers
  • Taxi ranks

The mobile application  covers:

  • Login registration
  • Two-factor authentication security
  • Face ID recognition
  • Wallet
  • Addition/removal of credit cards
  • Transaction from driver wallet to a credit card or to another wallet
  • Transaction history



  • Autorization

  • Location

  • Salary Counter